Puffle Balloons are exclusive toys for puffles.They come in different colors.Each cost 100 coins.They will stop selling in June 2014.


  • Puffle Balloons are the only toys that isn't unlimted.
  • The Puffle Balloons are similar to the ones at the Puffle Party.
  • The Rainbow Puffle Balloon can fill a puffle's play bar for a week.
  • The Animal Puffle Balloons can fill a puffle's play bar for 3 days.
  • During the Puffle Party 2014,the Puffle Balloons were exclusively free for both members and nonmembers.

Types of BalloonsEdit

  • Blue Puffle Balloon
  • Red Puffle Balloon
  • Orange Puffle Balloon
  • Brown Puffle Balloon
  • Pink Puffle Balloon
  • Green Puffle Balloon
  • White Puffle Balloon
  • Black Puffle Balloon
  • Yellow Puffle Balloon
  • Purple Puffle Balloon


  • Box of 100 Puffle Balloons (Random Colors;1000 coins)
  • Box of 50 Puffle Balloons (Random Colors;500 coins)
  • Rainbow Puffle Balloon (Large and Rare;Unlimted;Hidden Item May-June 2014;1,500 coins)
  • Cat Puffle Balloon (Hidden Item June-July;300 coins)
  • Bird Puffle Balloon (Hidden Item June-July;300 coins)
  • Bat Puffle Balloon (Hidden Item July-August;350 coins)
  • Dragon Puffle Balloon (Red,Blue or Green;Hidden Item August-September;400 coins)
  • Unicorn Puffle Balloon (White or Black;Hidden Item August-September;450 coins)
  • Reindeer Puffle Balloon (Hidden Item December-January 2014:400 coins)
  • Chicken Puffle Balloon (August-September;300 coins)
  • Popped Puffle Balloon (Usually made from Orange Puffles;Free)
  • Rainbow Dragon Puffle Balloon (Super Rare;Unlimted;Exclusive to the MyPenguin app;Hidden Item in the app October-November;Free)


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